An Opinion on The JNU Hustle.




The purpose of the gathering at JNU was to provoke a reaction from the government. If the

mob had truly wished to honour an executed terrorist, there were plenty of ways to do so

quietly. The students protesting in the bandwagon were unaware that while they

demonstrated a patriotic opinion , they slid through the fact that shouting slogans like

Bharat ki barbadi” and “tukde” will only sow the seeds of doubt in the judicial minds of

the nation.


While many politicians gave their piece of mind this is what Arvind Kejriwal had to say…




Del Pol openly flouting SC orders. Bassi acting so brazenly. What is source of his

confidence? What instructions does he have from his bosses,Kejriwal tweeted. –The

country is trying to give its best shot at various field, these people are trying to pull it

down. If such cases are given importance they would rise more. Government should learn

to ignore cases which are of not much importance, but rather action should be taken if

such issues threaten the country. We have other important things to do.


Local residents of Munirka area protest outside the gates of the JNU, against a function that was allegedly anti national in nature praising Afzal Guru on campus, in the capital New Delhi on friday. Delhi Police security was provided at the entrance to the JNU during the protest. Express Photo by Tashi Tobgyal New Delhi 120216




5-10 thousand crore is being spent on institutions like JNU & IISER but about other 10000

institutions in India where 95% student are studying. They get very less money. Even I am

a part of the same faction.

The Constitution states

Words and speech can be criminalised and punished only in situations where it is being used to incite mobs or crowds to violent action”. Period.

Can we count on these bright young minds or hypothetically reframing

the pun to “Are they sound minds” ?










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