Windows 10 : New Microsoft operating system not until july 29,company says _/\_

The new Microsoft operating system will instead be rolled out in different waves, “slowly scaling up”, and the July 29 date will only be the time that the company “will start rolling out Windows 10”. Initially, it will go to the Windows Insiders who have been trying out early versions of the software.

Microsoft appeared to indicate that the process might change during the release. “Each day of the roll-out, we will listen, learn and update the experience for all Windows 10 users,” Microsoft wrote in a blogpost.

Microsoft didn’t say how long it expects the Windows roll out to take.windows_10_windows_operational_system_2015_99671_1920x1080

Users are able to reserve their copy of Windows 10 by clicking the small logo in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that users will receive the software straight away — instead, Microsoft “will notify you once our compatibility work confirms you will have a great experience, and Windows 10 has been downloaded on your system”.

The company will be checking that the software is compatible with systems during the launch, Microsoft said. If it isn’t, users might see contact details for security experts that they can consult to upgrade their computers.

Windows 10 was launched earlier this year with a focus on improving performance and speed, as well as unifying the experience across different devices

1. Improved multitasking options

One of the main benefits of Windows 10 will be the ability to open up to four apps on the same screen. This quadrant layout will offer suggestions on how to efficiently use all the available screen space. In addition to the existing Alt+Tab shortcut for moving through apps, Windows 10 will also have a Task View toolbar button that will show all open apps so users can rearrange them as they please.

2. Return of the Start button

The loss of the Start button was a major complaint by many Windows 8 users. In response to these criticisms, Microsoft have implemented not only the original Start button in Windows 10 but have also created an innovative Start Menu, which will enable users to efficiently access all their files, apps, contacts and favourite websites.

3. Microsoft Edge

Windows 10 will come equipped with a new internet browser known as Microsoft Edge. The benefits that this improved internet browser will provide include: integration with your Cortana voice assistant, a reading mode for Spartan, and the ability to annotate web pages via keyboard input, stylus or touchscreen command.

4. Security updates to suit you

The launch of Windows 10 will provide users with pre-existing monthly Microsoft security and critical updates, and also the ability to install updates as soon as they become available in Windows Update. Windows 10 will even enable business users to choose the extent to which each of their mission-critical systems will be updated and which will have heightened security levels but retain the same user interface. Consequently, this ability to decide the time and extent to which user groups receive updates will enable companies to efficiently improve the security and productivity of all their operations.


5. Separate desktops

Windows 10 will permit its users to create and manage multiple desktops. This is a highly anticipated feature for many users because it will enable them to separate their personal and professional computer activity and manage them independently of one another.


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