Nixie : A Wearable tech that can fly

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 11.16.49 pm

Nixie is a small camera-equipped drone that can be worn as a wrist band.Nixie can be activated to unfold into aquadcopter, fly in one of its pre-programmed modes to take photos or a video, and then return to the user. Competing against > 500 other participants, Nixie’s developers became the winning team in the development track of the Intel’s Make It Wearable competition on November 3, 2014, thus securing $500,000 in seed funding to develop Nixie into a product.The developers stated their goal to develop the drone into the next generation of point-and-shoot cameras.

Sensors and motion-prediction algorithms are used to guide Nixie along one of four pre-programmed paths for taking photos or video.

  • In a boomerang mode, the drone flies a set distance from its user, takes a photo, and then returns.
  • In a panorama mode, it takes photos to fill a 360° arc.
  • In a follow me mode, it serves as a third-person view camera by trailing the user.
  • In a hover mode, it hovers for use in jib shots and can be controlled from a smartphone.

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