one+ news

It is not yet clear if the leaked image is a fan- made concept render or the actual teaser of the upcoming flagship smartphone from OnePlus.
maxresdefaultLatest in news is that nevertheless, it is ascertained that the OnePlus 2 is actually sleeker than its predecessor, which measured just 8.9mm in thickness. Furthermore, the design elements of the OnePlus 2 depicted in the leaked render closely resemble the HTC One M8 and One M9.

The report adds that the highly-anticipated fingerprint sensor is likely to be integrated into the home button, as there is no trace of it anywhere at the back of the handset.

Unlike past rumours which hinted at a dual-camera setup on the rear, the freshly leaked render shows a single-sensor camera with a dual-LED flash.

One can also notice a 3.5mm headphone jack at the top and the volume rocker button at the top-right side of the smartphone in the leaked render.

With the official virtual reality launch of OnePlus 2 proposed for 27 July, we might soon hear about the actual pricing and availability details of the smartphone across the globe from the smartphone maker.


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